Jesus Christ has always been in my life, but I really dug into my faith about ten years ago. I’ve always held a special liking for yoga throughout the years, I just hadn’t felt like I was led by the Holy Spirit to pursue anything like it… at the time. After my daughters graduated and left the family farm for college, I decided it was time to find myself a hobby. My long-time friend has always been nudging me towards getting my yoga license. In June of 2017, I took a leap of faith and finally started my own Christian-based yoga studio; I became a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Faith. 

My earthly family plays a large role in my life. In 1993, this southern girl married Scott Knobbe, and we began our journey together. My husband works on Harry Knobbe Feedyards, the family farm. I am mother to our three beautiful daughters, Drue, Jenny, and Maddie.

I believe that my yoga studio gives people the opportunity to get closer to God and fellowship with other people seeking God. I offer a variety of different classes at different times to accommodate to most everyone’s schedule.

Hope to see you soon,

Patti Knobbe